Yet another question about using panoramas

Hi, I’m modeling a landscape and I want to reduce rendering time by creating a panorama image of the back mountains and the sky instead of having them as meshes in the model.

I rendered only the back mountains using the panorama setting, and now I have a 6144x1024panoramic image of back mountains+sky. I want to map it as a texture in the World, but it does not look right, it pitches in one side of the landscape. I tryied AngMap, View, Spherical Texture configurations but they do not work.

Is there a way to make what I want?

There is a free program for Windows called “HDRShop”. this program will convert a panoramic image to an angular map. Then you can use it in Blender.

It can convert to and from other formats as well.

If you are not on Windows, I can convert it for you. Post a small version of your panoramic image here (remember to preserve the aspect ratio on resize) and I’ll post the companion angular map for you to try out.


Thanks a lot for your reply Atom!! I was looking for a tool like that but I couldn’t find it. I’m using windows right now, but anyway, thanks a lot for your help!