Yet another render problem


I tried to search the forums but it’s difficult to search for my problem since it’s hard to format it in search terms … anyway, I hope somebody can help me.

I’m new to blender and currently doing a project for school. At one point of my animation, a plane starts moving down, making other object seem to float above it. In modelling view, it is not.

I think it is best to demonstrate if one can see my blend file:

The only texture needed is for an airplane and not relevant to the problem (I hope at least?!).

I’m using YafRay and my exact problem only shows when rendered, so please take some time to solve my problem. :o I’m on a Intel Core Duo T2500 with 2 GHz and using 2 Threads and I have rendering times not higher than 10 Minutes.

Please render frames 251 - 263 (using Camera, not Camera.001), for me the best is rendering to JPG and examining the single frames.

Look at frame 251 and see like everything is alright (as far as my skills allow). Then render frame 252 and see like the water plane seems to suddenly be a huge bit lower (on the Z axis). Then please render frame 253 and see like it’s alright again, but from now on, look at the edge of the Ireland object and watch the texture - the water plane is moving downwards on the Z axis.

For reference, I have added a test cube and changed it a bit and put it into the water next to Ireland. In frame 263 (using Camera.001!!) in modelling view, 2 extrusions are visible (the rest is covered by water), but when I render the frame if YafRay, three are visible.

Does anybody have an idea what I am doing wrong? Can you reconstruct the problem at all?

Thanks very very much in advance!


PS: I’m a beginner and I know the airplane is extremely rough and probably some mistakes are made in the whole scene, but I’m just learning.

Silly me!

For some reason I had turned “displacement” on in the texture mapping.

But how come it only starts displacement at frame 252? wonders