Yet another Rendering quality question

Why do I keep getting pixelated renderings ( animation) even if I render with highest quality through ffmpeg.
One option I have is to render the whole sequence in quicktime png ( non ffmpeg) then in which software ( freeware) do I add the sound to it ( genereated by blender)? and then again this software will again compress it further.

What is the settings which controls the sqaure pixelation of animation rendering? is it the bitrate ? GOP ? I always get pixelated blocky quiality with ffmpeg. how to acheive a crisp one

I really need help with this, got a deadline with a project ! :frowning:

Higher bitrates yield better quality. Don’t forget to increase the max. bitrate limit as well.

GOP length is the max. number of frames between two key frames. Since key frames are very large, increasing this number will also improve quality. Blender’s default of 15 is way too low. Set this to 10x fps.

With H.264 you can also render at constant quality. Add a parameter “crf” (constant rate factor) and set its value to e.g. 22. Lower values result in higher quality but will also increase file size. The codec will use as much space as needed to keep visual quality constant regardless of scene complexity.

To avoid pixelation make sure the VSE renders at the same resolution as the original scenes. If you have to scale up or down, make sure OSA is enabled in the VSE as well. Otherwise you can keep it off.

Thanks for your help but still losing quality. But I get crispier quality where movement is less.
Here is a screenshot -

It’s best to start with the H264 preset from the preset menu. It will add a list of useful default options for FFmpeg. Then change the container to Quicktime and add the crf option to the list.

Don’t set min bitrate = max bitrate. Set max bitrate to the maximum possible and min bitrate to zero.

I have a question, i got everything resolved in terms of software problems, BUT there is one thing that bothers me about working with fluids. I rendered a water scene with Subdivide and Smooth levels 2(you can already imagine rendering while those on can take forever, well mine took 10 hours, that’s not bad), and also i set the resolution to 430, but after baking i could still see some pixelation in the water. Than what i did after baking was, i Mulitiresed it to Level 4 and added subsurf modifier to level 3. But i still could see tiny bit of pixelation in the water. Do you think i should add more Multires and more subsurf levels? The thing is, if i can see tiny bit of pixelation at 1000x400, than higher pixel image would show more. I’m trying to make a high quality image, probably around 5000x3000 for illustration. Pleas tell me if there is any other ways to solve this problem. Thanx

Just use Set Smooth. In the Link and materials section in the Editing (F9) Panel.
All your multires and subsurf is way overkill to get a smooth surface. You must have a supercomputer to use those settings.