Yet another robot

Hello everyone, so here’s my latest render. Any criticism is welcome:) Modeled in blender, render in cycles.

Oh, am I the first to comment it?
Very good work, very well done, textured and beautifully rendered.

White weapon.

good job, I like it

Looks incredibly good and I love the concept. Can you tell us more about this image?

Thank you all for your comments, im glad that you like it. Well it was just an exercise in uv mapping. I’ve started without any specific references and just followed my guts as i modelled it;) It took me about 3 months in and out after my work. I’ve used enviroment map for lighting, and two planes to get some specific colors and refections. It’s rendered with 1200 samples, and took about 1,5 hour (cpu). (sorry for my messy english, its not my first language). Here’s screenshot from 3dview:

Nice and simple. Thanks for the description and you’re not the only one with problems when it comes to English.:yes:(Help my google):spin:

Very nice texturing. How did you get the lens flare effect?

very cool. i love the textures!

I like it a lot. Would have been cool if you rigged it and made a little animation. Just for our amusment :slight_smile:

nice modeling, and the texturing is wonderful!

Thanks for all kind words guys! As for the flare, its just a quick smudge in photoshop;)