Yet Another Sea Test

All procedurals. Yafray.

Edit: I just realized I lost a lot of detail when I uploaded it.


I disagree with bumping. Nudge.

Blue jelly?
Specularity needs to be harder, and you should add a little variety of colors, green for starters. As a final Touch I’d add some shadows on (clouds) and under the water (sea animals).
Keep it up! :wink:

I was watching Whale Wars and I think the specularity is right, and there was really no green. I’ll add the shadows, but the sea animals may be a little much. I’m on a road trip so my updates will be few.

if you wanna make it more realistic, you might wanna make the water a bit less blue

remember water itself doesnt usually have a color to it. the blue you see in nature is due to the reflection of the blue sky. the sky in your render is a lot more mild in terms of color when compared to your water

Good displacement but the spec is odd, makes it look like an interior tank shot. Perhaps your light source is to spotty, the sun is not a point source but as large as the moon in the sky. Also wind over water tends to knock the spec and introduce very small ripples along the crests.