yet another simple little tank

here it is:

hey look very funny, you should put some texture on spheres for “tires”

nice one :stuck_out_tongue:

cool concept about the sphere, but how do it go forward? maybe think about a place to put a rotative axe. or heu maybe i just don’t understand how it should work. :-?

I like the concept, it looks cool and unique.
The only thing is that the spheres just look out of place because they don’t really have a texture or at least don’t have a matching texture. Maybe just make them a darker blue to match the rest of the tank.

sweet, i think u should leave it with out a texture on the spheres,
reminds me of I robot since the cars on it have round weels, makes for good stearing can go any wich way :slight_smile:
good job


nice concept! the spheres could be nailed thorugh the force of electromagnetism, like in the ultra fast trains, but smarter :smiley:


I would be afraid to ride in that thing because of the spheres :-?. They look like they could come off any second.

I really like hte textures, I think the rust on the back, and I like the turret. The spheres make it look more like a hover tank I remember seeing, maybe out of Tiberium Sun than something that actually rolls along the ground.

first of all tnx everybody for C&C

regarding the way this work on these four spheres:

my concept is quite similar to the mouse sphere that sends rotation info to a couple of cylinders.

in this case we have a reversed process, a couple of cylinder x wheel are activated from engines, and according to the speed rotation they give speed+direction to each wheel.

this allow you to move as on an overcraft, turning on the z axis while moving, etc.

so regarding the texture at first i thougt to make some dirty, but the sphere can rotate in all the directions, so it have to be all dirty.
at the end i just applied a material similar to the mouse sphere, rubber grey, and i think it could be the right solution

i’ve to admit that the wheels semm to new and clean than the rest of the tank

Definitely texture the wheels with some kind of wear patterns. They may roll any which way but the tank is likely to go forward most of the time. Giving the wheels more wear in that axis will help with integrating them in the design. I like the idea of the reverse mouse ball, although probably not sturdy at all from an engineering perspective.

Nice and simple and futuristic, I like the textures

Great concept.

IMHO the wheel-balls are too light colored and dull: dirt and stuff makes it more visible than darker materials and it looks weird without it… add some texs to it or make it darker.

The plastic orange on the top part would look wicked on the wheels too 8)

a mouse ball is encased on all sides but the little bit that rolls on the desk… what holds your wheels in place against these motors?

magnets … imagination. there are concept vehicels like that.

but a tred text on the balls would be sweet.

magnets … imagination. there are concept vehicels like that.

unless you are stating that imagination is holding the wheels on you may want to reconsider… would like to see these “concept” vehicles though.