Yet another Skull

This is the result of approx. one and a half hours of sculpting and a lot more of rendering, and figuring out how to composite it in the Gimp. The sculpture itself isnt really a big thing, I tried to pay more attention to the planes of the face and somehow without having planned it initially it turned out like this.
For texturing I used the ability to composite the cycles render passes in external applications, all the textures are simply painted (and copy-pasted :)) onto the Diffuse Color Pass. Using this method you still have the glossy reflections on top of your tex rather than just overlying some images. Post Processing can make a boring sculpt look so much better!:smiley:
Hope you like it.

Looks like some sort of alien XP. Thats a great looking skull. I still got to learn how to use the sculpt tools yet.

Thanks shadowworld! Sculpting things like this isnt really too hard, all you need is a graphic tablet, a polysphere and DynTopo.
And if your sculpture doesnt look that good as a raw render, Photoshop is your best friend (Or Krita and Gimp if you disapprove buying friends ;)).