yet another spaceship from the crazy mind of iliketosayblah

hey guys, just like the title says, another spaceship from the crazy mind of me… so here it is. hope you like it so far!:smiley:


It looks cool, but it’s kind of hard to see the detail. You should include a screen-grab so we can see the mesh, and maybe a render with a bit more lighting.

uhhh whats a screen grab?

anyway, here is an updated ligting render…blah


Indeed, a very interesting spaceship, quite unique.

wow. this is definetly one of ur coolest creations

i am assuming that is a compliment, so thanks

A screen grab is simply when you hit print screen and save a portion of the screen as an image. I don’t know how easy it is to grab a portion of the screen directly if you’re in Windows - you might need a little add-on, but it’s easy to do in linux.

You can always hit print-screen to save your entire screen into your clipboard and then go to an image editor and paste the print-screen in, and then crop to the portion you want, and save it - but that takes time.

Anyway, nice spaceship - the new render shows off more detail.

hey guys, thanks for all the intrest, the ship isnt done yet, infact it is only half done, but i only have this half, i dont have any ideas for the next bit, anybody got any ideas?

Once again you have made a great ship. From the looks of it, this ship seems to be ether a deep space exploration vessel, or some kind of suplies transport ship. Anyway, you should add some satelite dishes and perhaps some external fuel tanks, and maybe an observatory.

thanks, will do that tomorrow, but not now, im off to bed YAWN

thats crazyly cool!

jesusfrk14: thanks!
tv crash: i think i will add some sattalites on the bottome as a sort of communications array, but i am not to sure about external fuel tanks, makes it a bit more prone to explosions if i have any, and by observatery do you mean bridge?

Yes a bridge. Did you watch Star Wars 3? Do you remember what the bridge on general Gevious’ ship looked like? Something like that would look go on your ship. Actually, something like that would look good on any ship! I shure wish that I could meet the people that did the animating for Star Wars!:stuck_out_tongue:

hey guys, at the moment i have a huge production line of spaceship right now, and i thought that instead making a whole new thread for each ship, i am just going to post the next ship here (note that the other ship isnt done yet)… here it is


I’ll look forward to updates, i’ve answered your PM btw.

are we looking at the top, side or bottom of the second ship?

the first ship looks Shivan

you need to use a hemi light

whats a shivan? anyway the second ship isnt really anything yet, just a basic idea

shivan’s are from the game freespace

That game is one of the best space fighters I’ve ever played (but thats not saying much!).

Hey! cool concept on the first ship!
The lighting’s little bit dark, I can’t see it so well. Maybe add a little AO?