yet another suzanne/AO test.

Taking a break from the smoke trail test, half an hour of playing around.
started out as an AO test, added some detail to make it more interesting to look at.

The grass sucks, that wasn’t the point of the render though.

no AO:


no comments?:frowning:

Well I just started working with grass. I like how you effected the grass there where Suzanne’s head comes down. Is that effect by a weight paint? (Looks pretty good!)
Im learning blender steadily - could you explain what AO stands for?

ok, you put the top one as no AO, when the bottom is the one with no AO lol.

AO stands for ambient occolision (soft shadows)

No, the top one is definitley the no ao one. Ambient Occlusion isn’t just soft shadows, but I really can’t explain further than that, I just know how to use it.

and it wasn’t weight paint, it was a wind effect on an empty. I couldn’t remember how to use weight paint and couldn’t be bothered.

ahh… noob question…what is AO mean?(im really a noob to blender)

AO stand for Ambient Occlusion. To give a simple definition, it’s calculates shadows based on how close together faces are, and what direction they are facing. So a large number of faces close together and facing each other (A tunnel, for example) would show up very dark, where as lots of faces facing outward and away from each other (A sphere) would be light.

When a sphere is put on a plane, the faces on the bottom are close to the ground, and are facing it, so they would be shaded, whereas the ones on the top would be almost completely white. Like this.

For another example, a plane at a 90 degree angle to another plane. Where the faces are at a 90, there is some shading, but not much, whereas on the sides, where there are no faces, shading is non-existent. Like this.

If you rotate the plane so that it’s facing the other plane at a sharper angle, the shadows are darker, but on the other side, where it’s at a strong angle, there is very little shading at all. Still none on the sides. Clicky

Hope that clears it up.

The bottom one is better actually (nicer grass for one)