yet another texture problem...

(SuBLiMe5891) #1

I’ve gone through all the tutorials, and searched the forums… but i still cant get the result i want. If i have a very awkard shaped surface, with things poking out everywhere… how the hell can i texture this? Is there a way to do it with out converting it to a mesh and then breaking it into pieces? No, no… i know there is, I just dont know how. but even if i do it that way, it still looks like crap. please… someone help the retarded kid… :-?

(OTO) #2

For crazy shapes with many “poking appendices” there’s the great UV Texture Editor free with the Blender package :slight_smile:

But you still need to convert to mesh
Keep Blending

(haunt_house) #3

breaking it into peaces is definitely not necessary. An when you have transformed it into a mesh, you can assign up to 16 different materials to one mesh-object. You can decide, which face should get which material.