Yet another Unknown

This is a project that basically came out of placing verticies. There are no reference images for this. I am not sure what will become of this one in the end but I hope it will be interesting. I just thought I would post here to see what everyone else thinks. Any comments, suggestions, or anything else is welcome. The first 3 images were one model and then the 4th has some modifications to the ears and the… lumps/spikes on the back of the neck.


U have alot t o learn, like me. Edge loops, face loops, rearanging them to fit your mesh is the key. Check out the tutorial section, about edge loops.
Looking good though.
EDIT: Been looking for the direct link to that tutorial by Radience i think it was. Can some direct him? It might be a bit daunting at first until you relise what his actually trying to explain.

Here is an update to this project. I have reworked the mouth and ears some. I also shortened the head. I removed the neck so that I could do some more focused work to get it right. Any thoughts on the loops and what to do about them would be appreciated. Any other comments would be appreciated.


hehe, looks like jarjar binks…looking nice though

Here are some wires for this project.


Only allowed 6 uploads. so here is the seventh


It looks cute

The row of faces on the upper lip should connect smoothly with the row of faces on the lower lip.

There should be another loop under the chin, surrounding the entire face.

I’ve taken the liberty of drawing a set of red faces to show the loop around the mouth, and another set of orange faces showing the jaw loop.

One way to visualize loops is to use the loop cut tool. Type Ctrl+r and move the cursor next to an edge, blender will draw a purple line through the face loop associated with that edge. (Type Escape to cancel the loop cut.)

[EDIT] Just don’t call your beastie a [email protected], or you-know-who will show up to hijack the thread… [/edit]

Thanks for the tip that makes a lot of sense now that someone has explained that to me. I think what I have here is the general idea of what you were showing. I know it still needs to be filled in and adjusted but I haven’t gotten there yet tonight. Any other comments or suggestions would be welcome.

BTW: I had no intention of calling it a you know what:cool: because I really don’t think that it what it will be in the end. Mostly because I really don’t know how it will turn out but also because that isn’t the idea that I am going for at the moment.


I have finished refilling in the head and I wanted to know if my loops are good now or if I still screwed them up. Any other comments would be appreciated.


I made some more tweaks and I think this one actually works better than the previous one but I am not entirely sure. Just looking for some help with this.

Thanks in advance.


these models make me smile. Nice work. Has a child-like playfulness to it that I really like.

Once again I have redone the loops on the face and I think this time I got them right. Have a look and tell me what you think.


I have made some small changes now and I am just looking for some feedback. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with the eyes. I know they are wrong but I don’t know what to do about it. I would like to be able to animate them later to open and close but as they are now I can’t do that.

Any other comments would also be appreciated.


Even though I feel very alone on this post I am still making updates to this and here is the latest one. There are some small changes and I added teeth. I am still looking for help with the eyes. Any other help would also be appreciated.


lol. give him flappy ears and you have jarjar binks… lookin nice.