Yet another unwrap beginner's question

Eventually my goal is to unwrap a model so it can be used as a papermodel, i.e. the unwrapping needs to be area preserving. No matter what settings I choose though, the unwraps I get from blender seem to always shrink or enlarge some faces. As a very simple test I used the default scene, marked all but four edges as seams and selected conformant unwrap. As you can see from the screenshot, the sixth face is larger than the other ones.

What am I doing wrong ?


An ‘Average islands scale’ (Control-A) would fix the immediate problem. Using ‘Follow active’ or ‘Smart projections’ (with stretching to boundary disabled) as your unwrap method might also work.

Best wishes,

Thanks Matthew. The averaging command obviously works in this simple test case only.
I’ve had some success with smart projections, except that it adds some rather arbitrary seamlines and again stretches some faces but not others. I don’t have a screenshot, but when using the blender monkey with a seam in the back what I see is that the front right side of the face gets scaled down whereas the front left side is unstretched.