Yet Another Vertex Normal Editor (Y.A.V.N.E.)

Whoops, I just realized I mixed up the newer version with the 2.79 one. I ended up installing both of them, because when I initially installed the 2.79 version, it wasn’t seen by Blender because the addon’s folder name included a dot character. Now it works though, thanks.

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Hi, I have one problem with Y. A. V. N. E. When I trying activate it, i see this error(my version of Blender 2.79)
P.s Sorry for my bad English :c

Hi. I had problems with this addon. When I removed the symbol “.” from the name of the “yavne-2.79” folder, then I was able to see this addon in the tab User preference->Add-ons.
OS Windows10. I hope this information will be useful to someone :wink:

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Hey, are there some update planned? Seems like the addon is bit bugging, for example when I want to merge two vertices, it always creates hard edges in the mesh, at random it seems. The addon is kind of unusable because of that right now.

It sounds like you have the “Auto Smooth” option enabled (docs). Do you still have issues when it is disabled?

On my Blender 2.81a none of the options about normals redirection works at all, aside the ‘get’ and ‘set’. This happen if autosmooth is enabled or not (from the Object Data panel or this addon’s UI sub-menu). I’ve tested it in a fresh portable install to make sure if it’s the addon that’s broken or something else: sadly the broken one is this addon :frowning:

EDIT- I’v made one more test giving a look to another addon for vertex normals: found out that YAVNE brokes the TiNA - Transfer Normals Add-on IF both are installed (no matter the chronological order of install), while the latter works just fine if YAVNE is disabled/not installed.

Very odd. It’s working fine for me on 2.81a. Do you have a blend file that I could inspect?

I’v used the “testScene” file linked on the tINA addon opening post.
On my fresh portable build I just appended the project objects BTW.

(here the file)

(the object I doodled with was the beveled cube with visible vertex seams)

Made a new test on personal Blend file, this time at least vertex & face “weight and influence” options seems to work? wtf lol :thinking: CubeTestFresh.blend (599.5 KB) ; sadly the “merge” still do nothing no matter what I try.

This addon doesn’t support multi-object Edit mode. Merging only works after joining objects in the example you provided.

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Oh that’s why! Also, now I strongly suspect that YAVNE didn’t worked on the TestScene.blend objects because those same objects were probably made using blender 2.79. I noticed that there’s some kind of object data"discrepancy" between 2.79 and 2.8, as if some low-level infos get missing during the migration. If that’s the case then the issue it’s solved, and sorry for headhache caused by this false-bug report.

Oh thanks, the setting was bit hidden so we didn’t really see it there. But it actually works now with the auto smooth turned off.

Hello everyone.
There was someone who did an addon where we can edit normal as mesh not so long ago. I’ve searched a lto but couldn’t find the addon anymore, anyone know where to find it ?

I think you’re looking for Oscurart.

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I try to use Y.A.V.N.E into Blender 2.82.7 and it is work not properly. There is a error in Blender’s console:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\RvvMx2\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.82\scripts\addons\yavne-master\", line 41, in draw
    self.draw_display_properties_ui(context, layout)
  File "C:\Users\RvvMx2\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.82\scripts\addons\yavne-master\", line 63, in draw_display_properties_ui
    overlay = context.space_data.overlay
AttributeError: 'SpaceProperties' object has no attribute 'overlay'

location: <unknown location>:-1

Version of Y.A.V.N.E is 2019.10.28

Is it possible for You to update YAVNE to blender 2.9x? It’s the best plugin ever, and it’s better then native tools.

Did you download the latest version from github(first link in first post)? It seems to work fine in 2.93. Commit comments say it was updated 4 months ago for 2.90.

How is this different from / better than “Harden normals” setting on Bevel modifier?

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Well with tools like this you don’t need to rely on the Bevel modifier to get decent shading. In some (many?) cases you just don’t need or can’t use Bevel. The relatively new Weighted Normal modifier is very helpful too but sometimes produces undesirable results which is why it it is good to be able to edit normals manually.

As for the question, I just tried YAVNE and it seems to me that like some other normal editing tools and the Weighted Normal modifier, it can give faces a ‘strong’ weighting but not a ‘total’ weighting such as Blender’s native Set Normals from Faces or Harden Normals from the Bevel modifier.

These tools are now built-in. When you enable Face Influence, the Weighted Normal modifiers lets you manually choose which faces have the greatest influence. There are also options to rotate normals, and the ‘Normal Edit’ modifier allows you to non-destructively set a radial or directional normal.
On top of that, the Data Transfer modifier allows you to copy normals from another mesh, for instance to hide seams between two meshes