Yet Another Vertex Normal Editor (Y.A.V.N.E.)

I was more specifically looking at the normal matching for separated meshes.

it seems much faster in yavne.

A gentle nudge for this. Still stuck in 2.79 due to the horrible way it deals with normal weights.

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Thanks for your hard work, I share reference of this script if it serves as a base to add future implementations to your plugin.

A way around this is to use PME to macro and organize it your way, that’s what I did even with YAVNE.

Great to hear that you are planning to update this for 2.8. It is the last remaining piece of the puzzle for me to migrate over to 2.8. Your plugin is so much more effective than the native normal editing in 2.8. The main advantage of the new 2.8 tools is that they work with the mirror modifier plus the new normals support in the bevel modifier. For manual work, yavne is definitely superior!

Y.A.V.N.E. now supports Blender 2.80. Enjoy!


Hell yaeh!!! :smiley:

great to see it ported but how does is this still relevant since the adjusted “weighted normal modifier” ?

As the predecessor to Blender’s builtin weighted vertex normal toolset, Y.A.V.N.E. isn’t really needed any longer. I’d be content to let the project fade away, but a few users on this forum have expressed an interest in seeing it updated. Many consider it to be easier to use. Unless I’m mistaken–which wouldn’t come as a surprise given my hiatus from Blender development over the past several months–some features like linked face area (a.k.a. summed coplanar area) weighting are available only in this addon.


Hey there. I installed the 2.79 branch of yavne, but when I try to enable it, I’m getting this error:
Do you know what could be the problem here?

What about something like this feature?)

It’s realy cool when creating trees for games.

You definitely have not. You are trying to run the 2.80/master branch in 2.79. It even says so in your path.

Try this link instead:

Whoops, I just realized I mixed up the newer version with the 2.79 one. I ended up installing both of them, because when I initially installed the 2.79 version, it wasn’t seen by Blender because the addon’s folder name included a dot character. Now it works though, thanks.

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Hi, I have one problem with Y. A. V. N. E. When I trying activate it, i see this error(my version of Blender 2.79)
P.s Sorry for my bad English :c

Hi. I had problems with this addon. When I removed the symbol “.” from the name of the “yavne-2.79” folder, then I was able to see this addon in the tab User preference->Add-ons.
OS Windows10. I hope this information will be useful to someone :wink:

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Hey, are there some update planned? Seems like the addon is bit bugging, for example when I want to merge two vertices, it always creates hard edges in the mesh, at random it seems. The addon is kind of unusable because of that right now.

It sounds like you have the “Auto Smooth” option enabled (docs). Do you still have issues when it is disabled?

On my Blender 2.81a none of the options about normals redirection works at all, aside the ‘get’ and ‘set’. This happen if autosmooth is enabled or not (from the Object Data panel or this addon’s UI sub-menu). I’ve tested it in a fresh portable install to make sure if it’s the addon that’s broken or something else: sadly the broken one is this addon :frowning:

EDIT- I’v made one more test giving a look to another addon for vertex normals: found out that YAVNE brokes the TiNA - Transfer Normals Add-on IF both are installed (no matter the chronological order of install), while the latter works just fine if YAVNE is disabled/not installed.

Very odd. It’s working fine for me on 2.81a. Do you have a blend file that I could inspect?