Yet another wash-hand basin


Here is a WIP, I am trying to make a photorealistic rendering (I said I am trying …), there is still some work. I have a technical problem I can’t solve. I would like to put a label on the soap distributor, I have tried using a PNG image with an alpha chanel but I don’t know how to get the recipient transparent and the label not. Rendered with Yafray 8. C&C are of course welcome as well as advises.

I think it’s very good, but something in general feels odd about this image. I think the lighting is what’s causing the problems. Maybe a little work on that could help you out here. One specific thing that I think could add something to the scene is maybe making the mirror a little either dirtier or steamed.

I definately like this image though.


Just one question, who would put windows in a bathroom door?

enricoceric would, who else? 8)

Nice rendering. I agree with Veach, the lighting can be tweaked, probably use YafRay and see what happens.

Exceptional work. Couple of comments…

The door panels (central ones within the intrusions) seem a bit too square. They look they are tacked on rather than being a beveled part of the door wood. Maybe angle them as they extrude from the door?

Who/what is holding the mirror. Since the bathroom has such a nice old feel to it, you might consider making a non-rectangular mirror. Perhaps model an oval mirror that has a frame that resembles the wood work on the door itself.

Ok, this is an existing place and to be more precis, this is not a bathroom but a WC (still to be added in the back of the room). So the window is there, I don’t know why and the mirror is just like this (I agree that an oval one would probably be better for the composition), I try to reproduce this place as is. Thanks to all of you for your crits but my main concern for now is to get a solution for my label on the soap recipient (see my first message). Any technical suggestion is welcome, I tried several solution without any good result.