Yet another which-laptop-thread

Hi! After building my Virtual Cathedral for University diploma for months (,
it’s time to render. My 3.20GHz + HT just can’t do it alone, so I’m gonna buy me a new laptop to render my stuff. It should be a laptop, because two computers at home seems ridiculous to me (although it certainly would be cheaper). So I want some mobility. As there sure are some geeks around, I’d be glad to get some advice :-). There are two systems I am thinking about:
the x11-Baviall fram samsung with a t2600cpu + geforce 7400go + 1GB Ram (
and the acer travelmate 8204wlmi with a t2500 cpu + ati x1600 + 2GB RAM

the acer’s got an ati1600, which is faster than the geforce 7400go from the samsung, and it’s display resolution is better.
But as it’s main purpose is working, Blendering and rendering of course, and some text, graphic design and internet, shouldn’t i go for processor speed instead of gpu-power? I can’t decide! I need help!


I would suggest a custom-built desktop for heavy-duty work over a laptop. For one, you can more easily upgrade a desktop, and they’re easier to cool.
It might sound ridiculous to keep two computers around the home, but I can assure you, it makes more sense in terms of cost and simple logistics to buy a desktop if you need power. If you want a laptop for mobile computing, you could sell your old computer and get a laptop with that money.

But if you really want a laptop, the Acer looks pretty good, except for the fact that it’s clocked slightly lower than the other.