Yet Another YafRay Document: Lighting with Yafray

Lighting with YafRay

Hi, we have finished the translation of a YafRay document into english. The original is based on a lecture that Jandro gave last June.

That lecture was also based on this known YafRay paper, although in this document everything is much better explained and there are also some extra tips.

The document is not just about Yafray; it explains general concepts about raytracing and Global Illumination that are applicable to other similar render engines.

Luis, Claws and I have colaborated in this translation. Thank you for using Yafray.


thank you guys, you deliver !!!

nice render :smiley: i will need to read this

I have been waiting for this. Price less,:slight_smile:

Does anyone know of a tutorial on Yafray I think it was in one of the Slavic langagues (please correct me). The pictures were beautiful. Last I heard someone was trying to get in contact with the author for translation.

Whats the link and ones that tutorial translated to english?

thanx in advance

Tnx, I still suck at lighting with yafray.
I’ve seen this documentation before though I didn’t know it was Spanish only o_0.
Cool: the translation is in progress, i think Cekuhnen is keeping an eye on it.

Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear.

the link to the translated tutorial is this (I have edited the first post too):
Lighting with Yafray

The other tutorial that Cekuhnen and some other people was trying to translate has nothig to do with this one.

Thanks for your comments! :o