yet another yafrayed rose :) [update pg. 1]

That looks great, perhaps the petals could be thinner.

that model begs for better lighting.

A beautiful model but defenitely needs more lighting

And some caustics

it would be better, in my opinion, to make the petals red glass. my mum used to have a groovy glass rose with red petals, green leaves, etc. that just looked awesome…

perhaps post the blend?

hm, ok. i’ll try to improve that (lightning and so on). for caustics i was too lazy. will try :slight_smile:
is the lightning slightly better that way? colors added. caustics will follow.


Personally, I liked the first rose better. The color was much more delicate and it felt much more like glass (as if it could shatter any moment).

I second that. I believe the first render was perfect other than the lighting. Essentially, there appears to be very little light. I don’t know how to express the lighting problem in any other way than that.

If I were you, I might try adding a couple more lights, increasing the specularity on the rose petals and stem, and increasing the raytraced shadow effect.


You might be able to compromise with the colors…

Just make the new colors less bright and intense… make them greyer or whiter… I don’t know…

I think it still lacks some drama:

  • Highlights
  • No shadow/caustics
  • Background sucks

Sorry for only placing negative crits. I don’t even have the balls to start rendering in Yafray :smiley: