Yet Another Zelda Tribute

Yet another Zelda Image. Not of the best quality, but alot of fun to make. Any Comments would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


lol nice 1, its very noticeable that the background is a part of another image thou…

Yeah, nice work. The lighting’s a little inconsistant though. Try using a down-face purple hemi or low AO as environmental light, then use buffer shadows or a sun-lamp for front facing sun.

And then make Link’s outfit longer. :wink:

my, very soothing scene. love it. =)

the dude ass can be seen lol…:stuck_out_tongue:

Links outfit needs to be longer, a lot longer.

exactly what i meant…:spin:

Yeah, I’d have to go with the longer tunic. I mean, it’s actually shorter than Saria’s, and that ain’t good. Fortunately this’d be really easy to fix. Just a vertex pull. :]

Lol. I didn’t realise how disconcerting that was.

I’ve come up with some revisions, including some changes in the lighting:

Thanks for the comments and criticisms. Any more would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Haha, yeah, that outfit is rather…provocative :wink:
Although I know that he always wears that “leggins” so it is not THAT distubring for me…I can’t comment on the improvements since the server hosting the images seems to be busy.

So, on to the old version: once again, I like the idea. The pose is cute and looks pretty natural. The Background would need a little optimization, as mentioned, especially since the horizon is quite strange - very harsh. I also don’t like the lense flare too much…but however, overall very nice again and…they are just a sweet pair :wink:

The one thing throwing off the horizon is the fact that the sun rays are just cut off. Can you fade them out sooner?

I liked your sky background in the first picture, these versions looks saturated orange and kinda artificial. Also, there seems to be some kind of bright orange light shining at them from behind, or some kind of ambient light.

Whatever you do, never use flat ambient light. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s way too flat.

EDIT: See, what you want to do is pick up the tones of the sky. the sky is emitting light, no matter where the sun is. Whatever colour the sky is at the moment, that’s the light it’s emitting, it’s just we don’t always see that cause the sun is shining and getting in the way of everything. Sunset is always hard, because you have the bright orange and yellow cooling off to purple and blue with different colours and hints of colours in everywhere. Try and match the light shining from any direction to what colour the sky will be.

I know no one wants to hear this, but in the game (or at least the Zelda 64 installment) Link wore 18th century men’s stockings. shudder (they should make a smily for that.)

It actually looked ok in the game.

link’s hair is too blonde, it needs to be darker, his boots don’t look right, maybe they do, im not sure;
i like the lighting on the 1st the best, but overall, pretty cool

In the first pic he’s truly a fairy boy. :smiley:

Make the grass maybe thinner and taller. Don’t make them criss cross each other.