Yet another...

Chess set!! Yay!!!

This is my 3rd finished project, 2nd with my own models. I did this one for school. Please crit, comment, whatever.

I know the compression is bad. Email me at [email protected] if you want the .bmp.

The texture on the white pieces is too chaotic. The grey on them ought to be more subtle. Also, why are the black pieces in wireframe with red specularity? It just doesn’t look right, for some reason. I do like the board and the meshes, though you might want to try making the board inlaid into wood, and put some reflection and higher spec on the board. The lighting is a bit too hazy as well.

It probably sounds like I’m nitpicking, but all of these things are conspiring to ruin what would otherwise be a decent pic of a chessboard. Looking forward to updates.


It’s meant to be somewhat surreal, but I’ll try that stuff out.

I like it ^^.

Here’s an update. I kept the mist and the board the way they are, because I am extremely satisfied with them, and tweaking them didn’t help the picture at all. Mainly its just the materials, and the rooks that got changed this time round.

… And of course, the original spruced up a bit.

I like more the second version. verry good.

Is it only my perception of the board or you put on it a subtle wave effect. It seems to me that some part of the board is not straight. But I really like the effect, it’s original.


Yeah, I noticed that too. It wasn’t intentional, and I can assure you that the board mesh is perfectly straight. Thanks anyways. :slight_smile:

I finally got the second one to work on a higher resolution. The original was too big for photobucket at 1024x768.

The wave effect is caused by the texture on the side.

The board does seem to wave and would understand if it was just an optical illusion. Otherwise the texture on the white pieces looks a tad unusual.

I know… I wanted them to be interesting, as opposed to stark white.

Anyways, here is a toon render.

the toon shading actually complements the exaggerated models. I like it the most.

good work.

Being a newbie, please take my comment lightly. Why is the red specular only on the black pieces? Seems that it would also be on the white pieces to some extent.

Thanks, Sam. DYeater, it’s so the black pieces look a little polished-esque, and just plain different from the white pieces. Semi-surreal, remember? :wink:

I second that. :smiley:


Thanks, guys. I appreciate the encouragement. :smiley:

I now know the wonder of alternate renders. Whatever floats your boat…


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