Yet to be named MMORPG

Basically a group of friends and myself are looking to make an MMO in Blender and need more man power in order to actually get it done. We’ve done some very basic work so far and haven’t nailed down much in terms of the game design. Outside of that the video pretty much says it all.

We’re going to need a little more info than that, I’m afraid…
what progress have you already made?
what plans do you have? what kind of MMO? Futuristic? Swords and Sorcery?
Have you thought about the workings of the game? (E.G. how will combat work, how will movement be handled)
Who do you have already working on the project? What are their jobs?

I’ve found that the projects that get the most interest are those that either already have a good deal of progress, that are started by good modeler/rigger/animators, or that are planned almost from start to finish. I wish you luck, and might even help at some point, but I would (and most likely most people on this forum who have good skills would as well) like to know more about the project first!

Yeah, more information would be handy. An MMORPG is a difficult task, best be prepared and try to convince people to join your project. I may pitch in here and there. Good luck.

Since you don’t have a name or anything to show before asking for help, you are most likely to fail.