YH's first project. Space convoy.

A friend asked me to develop art for his new video game. This is my first big render. Thanks for all the tutorials on this site.

That a pretty good start YH, well done. You have textured your planet nicely, don’t know if you’ve seen any of them but there are a couple of tutorials on planets that would help make it look even better, maybe check out Lego Animator’s planet Earth thread.
I would also play about with your stars and background settings a little bit, or perhaps even try a large plane in the background textured with a space photo, there are some great ones on the nasa site.
For your ships I would adjust the materials slightly, try a phong shader rather than the default cooktorr also increase the spec and hardness. Maybe try putting some slight ray mirror reflection on and push up the fresnel slider a bit.
You’ll improve alot and be able to do some great stuff if you stick with this program, congrats on completing your first project.

Wow. I haven’t a clue what most of that means. But I’ll be sure to give it try. Thanks. :slight_smile: