Yia Lou

Hey all!
I’d like to present my latest work… This is to test and promote my upcoming “Hats Pack” for blender/cycles… which I’ll probably be selling through the Blender Market. I’ll be posting more funky hat renders soon, if all goes according to plan. Hope you like it! :smiley:

No glasses:

Hat Shader:

dayum girl

Wow! Amazing job! :smiley:

I’m in love.

I enjoyed following your WIP, I didn’t realize you were working on an addon, but it looks very promising. One additional thing that would make sense to incorporate, if it is possible, would be the ability to add some kind of logo patch (at least for baseball hats).

Look forward to seeing your progress with the other hats and the addon.

Wow, really like this character. The only thing that seems odd is the inside corner of the eyes, everything else is superb.

Hey thanks everyone for your kind feedback! :slight_smile: really appreciate it.

@BlenderMagician oh yeah I see what you mean about the eye corners :slight_smile: thanks for the hint.
@harleynut97 thanks man! :smiley: Yeah right now I have a basic way to add logos, I just need to expose the parameters in the main node… Thanks for all your additional advice in the WIP thread, it really helped a lot!

super amazing work ! very nice. thanks for sharing.

That hat is one of many impressive things in this render.

I like your work, Guss (I think The Pirate Girl was yours as well?). Very good and talanted, very accurate too. The only thing that gives you trouble is cloth, I think, still has some dimples in this case, which should not be there. I have not been sculpting cloth in Blender, but I believe it is a challending task :slight_smile:
Keep up good work!

Thank you @Dixiepig!
@Margenta thank you too! Yes I did the Pirate Girl as well :slight_smile: Thanks for your thoughts about the cloth, it is indeed quite challenging, and could certainly improve in my renders :slight_smile: I shall continue trying to get it better with each project. :smiley:

Hi Guss

Very nice outcome on this.

The cloth, yes, this something that I find very challenging too, far away very easy, close up another story.


Sweet girl as I like how you make it some impressive work in 3D.

@Speed7 Yup. I’ve yet to find a good shader setup for cloth. especially light cloth. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Threedslider thanks man :smiley: I appreciate that!

Greeat work! I really like the fabrics. I think shadows casting by the eyelashes are too strong. All other things are perfect