http://picasaweb.google.com/sandra.gilbert/SeasonalImages/photo#5144042128075794450Yes It’s Another Christmas Ball Image

and it’s all Phr0stByte’s fault. I saw his Christmas Ball image and fell prey to an overwhelming impulse to create one of my own.

It is finished and I will not be working on it further, but I would welcome comments and suggestions for any lighting improvements.

You can check it outhere.


They look nice. The leaves look plasticy, but your lighting is good.
Also, the pictures in your post aren’t working. I had to follow the link

Thanks, the leaves were supposed to look plasticy, I actually was going for the kind that you buy at the store, not live ones. :smiley:

And I know the pictures aren’t working, I don’t know what I did wrong, but it won’t link in right.:frowning:

Looks good, man! I like the shader on the balls. The blue one looks awesome!

It’s cool :wink: , but…although yours have colorshift efects… I kind prefer the Phr0stByte ones :stuck_out_tongue:

… but I like the flowers :confused: so the only possible conclusion that I’m seeing is that the perfect Xmas ball image would be a Fusion of the two :smiley:

Phr0stByte: Hehe, dreamsgate is a Lady.