Yikes! Recovery?


Big problem. I made a bunch of alterations to my animation before I left work on tuesday then I let it render overnight.

I did a very very stupid thing, I forgot to save before I rendered. Then I inadvertently closed the GUI window. The console window, however is still open. Is there anyway I can pull the GUI window back through the console and save my changes? Meep!

Does Blender do an autosave? It can be programmed to do so. (It might be a “blend1” file.) Also look in your temporary directory to see if there’s a copy there.

Autosave hasn’t picked anything up since October 21 o.o;

Wel-l-l-l… %|

Let’s look on the good side. You won’t make that mistake again. :wink:

But first, do a global system search for every stinkin’ blend-file that’s out there, or anything like a “blend1” file on your system or whatever, and make damn sure it’s really gone, before you waste more time on the assumption.

Then, when you get back into Blender, set that autosave to 5 and save your defaults.

Blender automatically saves a backup when you quit. I forget the name of the file but “quit.blend” somehow sounds familiar. It would be where you have blender set to store temporary files. In my case /tmp