Yildiz: New RTS space game

Hello everybody,

Im a java developper and Im developping a game of mine “Yildiz-online”.

Just to give you an idea about Yildiz, it is a massively multiplayer strategy game(MMORTS). It’s a combination of classical startegy game(like: Homeword or Starcraft) and management game(like: Ogame).

The game takes place in outer space colonized by humans, a lost expedition found abandonned space bases built by unknown civilization. After some centuries they developped and colonized the entire system.

The game is entirely in 3 dimensions. Goal is to develop and assure the management of its base,or if you wish, to create an army to attack other players to steal their resources.

It can be played on windows and linux platform.

I would like please to get your feedback about it (ideas, suggestions…). If you have any questions let me know

Check my fb page for more info: www.facebook.com/yildizonlinegame
Or my website: www.yildiz.bitbucket.org

Thank you in advance!