Yin and Yang Puzzle

Not too long ago my sister and I were shopping at a local Goodwill and I stumbled upon this unique puzzle. I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could replicate it within Blender. Modeling and applying materials took only about two to three hours. This is the render result after four and a half hours and 1000 passes in Cycles: (I’m still working on upgrading my computer :smiley: )

I also did a simple Noise Removal in Photoshop, 1000 passes wasn’t quite enough. One of the problems I see now, is I think the silver pieces should be more reflective. Here is a screenshot of the four pieces and a wire frame.

For those who do not know what this puzzle is or how it works, it starts off with all four pieces connected, and the goal is to remove all the pieces. In actuality, it is much harder to put back together than to take it apart! Pretty simple, but I like it.

Oooo, nice materials. =) Did you use the new anisotropic shader?

Actually I just used a mixed shader (diffuse and glossy). I didn’t even think about using the anisotropic shader! Now I’m curious as to what it will look like with it :smiley:

Nice work so far… I just think that both materials should be more reflective.

I agree, I’m going to adjust the materials and render it again. Thanks for the replies! :smiley: