Yin/Yang tutorial in the Blender Book

I’m working in the BLender Book on the Yin/yang logo tutorial. and I can’t seem to get it to rotate on the y-axis. I’ve zlt-d to copy s to scale hit x to mirror it on the x-axis, but it won’t do the y-axis. Help? I can send the .blend file…

Please send the blend : I’m having great difficulty to reproduce your result.

Jean, can I post here? How? If not, what’s your email and I’ll sent it there.

You can only place a link to the file here. So it must be on some server somewhere reachable on Internet. Try this if you can as other people than me can help you.

My email : [email protected]

Here’s the .blend file for anyone to take a look at. I’d appreciate the help as mentioned in the first post. www.webconxeon.com/yinyang.blend


Voilà :
You have to make your copy (shift+d) when in vertex edition mode.
Here I centered the 3D cursor (shift+c) chose to rotate around it (dotkey on the keyboard) went into vertex edit mode (right click on the object and TAB), copied (shift+d), symetry y (skey then ykey) and symetry x (skey then xkey). The curves dont fit : did you use a background image or did you just wing it ? :slight_smile:

Come back whenever needed.

I used a background image (one of the files on the book CD). The instructions are different in the book maybe that’s what’s causing me grief. So what version have you got? how long ya used it? What else have you done?

Many tutorials are lacking in information that seems too obvious to be stated to the author but that the beginner sure could use.

I guess that you’re asking about the version of Blender : well it varies. The Blender Book offers the 1.80 if I remember correctly. The Python section of it is unusable by now. So I have one 1.80 for the very old scripts but I dont’t use it much. I have a 2.04 that I use for the former s-meshes. Between 2.10 and 2.12, if I’m not mistaking the Python API changed completely and so I have a 2.12 for the many useful scripts that will work only in it. Then after the API came back to what it was pre-2.10. Any pre-2.20 is useful for the old IKA and bones. Most often I uses 2.22 because of the append bug in 2.23 but 2.23 is essential to follow the excellent work of Jean-Michel Soler (jms) in his povanim (aka TrueAnim) script. Simple no ? :wink:

As to what I’ve done, I’m still learning : I didn’t know zit a little more than three months ago. I have a lot of stuff but I need to be sure it will be of any interest before publishing it. The only public thing I have is there :
http://membres.lycos.fr/bobois/galerie.html. Sorry it’s French but not really verbose. But I’ve been just that. I stop now.


do you know of any other resources? I’ve got a few, but I’m really looking for ones that tell me the WHY not just the HOW. Also, I don’t know why the curves don’t fit. They should if its just a straight copy…
I can post the instructions in the book, maybe you could tell me if anything changed?

That is the really hard part. Reading the source would answer the why but they’re not public. I got my answers to those questions thanks to the very patient explaination of people on the french newsgroups. So I guess, knowledgeable people is primary. Otherwise there are general interest CG books, some of them considered fundamental but I haven’t found the time to read any. Maybe you should start a new thread with this question.

The symbol may have been off center on the image itself. Also it may have been less symetrical than it appeared. As I try to remember, the image on the CD is rather small and pixellized a lot : hard to be precise then. I found mine on the internet (Google image search : yinyang).

AFAIK, there’s only one edition of the Blender Book.
Don’t worry too much about small dicrepencies : correcting them to your taste may be your first personnal work. :wink:

everytime I try to run either of the blends in this thread, blender 2.2 windows crashes with and illegal operations error. Any Idea why?

I can only tell you that they run just fine here in 2.22 and Win '98 or Win 2000. But those two files are essentially the same. I really just did a duplication/symetry on the first one to produce the second. So your problem, at least, is really with only one file. Does Blender crashes often at your place ? What changes have you made recently to your system. I know that since last week, when I’ve been stupid enough to install the updates for Win '98 I’m experiencing all kinds of nagging little problems.