Portrait of a Woman.

Created using Blender, Cycles, AfterEffects, PhotoShop and ZBrush.

All Comments are Welcome and help Me to improve my Art.


The skin shader and eyes especially just loose this image. I’d work on that. However, the hair and the hat look superb.

Also the two lines above the top lip are anatomically incorrect, and the hair on the eyelashes are too thick.

I like the shape of the face and head, and I agree with iamthwee on the hair and hat.
However, the lips look severely chapped, and, who knows, they might be, but it’s distracting. The eyebrows look like a solid mass of fur rather than individual hairs, and the eyelashes need some work. Given the fine work on the hair, it doesn’t seem like the eyebrows and lashes would be too difficult a problem to solve.

Good work so far.

that hat is GREAT ( you sure it is not from a 6x7 camera ??? )
the rendering on the hat and hair is wow

the eyes and lips ?? well

lower the upper eye lids she is a bit “bug eyed”