Okay plant dude, lock out my post. That was totally just an As* hat sort of an inane sort of thing to do. Let us go ahead and just ban or lock out peoples that speak their minds, after all, the system speaks its mind and I am sure that you are well tutored with that.

Live in peace if you can find it, Cheers.

I’ll post here too before the thread gets locked.

@Plantperson - have a great day!

Ban this idiot please.

I almost actually guessed Pixelmass would make another thread to complain. I can also see a ban occuring now, as I don’t know how much talking back the mods. are willing to handle from a single member.

What ever happened to P00F and Mmph! ?
Why were they banned?

Backtalk? Certainly you hold the record.,I should take lessons from you!
(a gift of salvation from forum folks!)