Yo Frankie! Android Build Experiment (Part 1)

Hey guys,

I have started work on creating a Yo Frankie game for Android, alongside with a new game platform tool that I’m developing and refactoring. This will not be exactly as the original blender game, but I do have some ideas on making it a bit interesting… :wink:

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More updates to follow…

your building a new blender player?

2.75 compatible?

Hey BPR, it’s not a new blender player per se, but it will support blend model and scene files. thanks.

but it is the blender player?

you know how to convert all bge shaders to modern shaders ES compliant?

Looks like Unity, not BGE.

Certainly looks like it but it’s not Unity and BGE. :wink: It’s a mix of FOSS tools and rendering engine and the main focus here is bringing the popular blender game to android. It’s not a direct port but more of a tribute with a different spin or genre.

Apparently it’s not the player and I’m not that familiar with bge shaders, but I did some simple Ogre shader work before.