Yo Frankie Assets in my Game?

Im about to release my game that Ive been making with blender-2.49 for the past 8 years. The only problem is that I’m terrible at visual art. I was wondering if I could use the Level from Yo Frankie in my own game that I wish to sell on steam. Is Yo Frankie part of the Creative Commons? Is it CC0 or CCSA?


The Apricot open game project, the data we’ve published online and on the DVDs, and all of the contents on this website has been licensed under the Creative Commons Attributionlicense 3.0. If any content on this site is not licensed as such, it will be clearly indicated. In short, this means you can freely reuse and distribute this content, also commercially, for as long you provide a proper attribution.The attribution is:© copyright Blender Foundation | apricot.blender.org. Excluded from the Creative Commons is: all logos on this website (including Blender logo, Apricot logo, Yo Frankie! logo, Creative Commons logo) and associated trademarks.

Thanks man. So in order to attribute correctly: I just write “© copyright Blender Foundation | apricot.blender.org” in the credits for my game right?

or include it in credits a readme file or some means that is easily and readily accessible to the player. I use an actual file that attributes credits to any asset I plunder. I try to refrain from using others assets, as they generally do not fit visually into my game…audio can be different.

thanks for being my lawyer :wink: