Yo frankie collisions

Does anybody know how is frankie armature setted to gain thos nice collisions? I tried to study the char file, but it’s to complicated for me.

No, but I do know how to make fairly good collisions.

  • Make invisible bounds around the character (just use the “Invisible” button in the Logic Panel)

  • Set up parenting like this: Bounds are the parent of Armature, Armature is the parent of player model

  • Put the player controls on the Bounds object, not on the player model.

  • In the Logic Panel, set the Object Type of both the Armature and player model to “No Collision”.

    You probably already know this method, but I encourage trying it if you haven’t.

    Happy Blending
    - Micah King;)

But what do you mean when talking abount boundS ? I know I can parent the armature to only 1 object and I’m tring that now.

For yoFrankie character we used no mesh collisions, only a mesh that has a simple primitive bullet physics shape. Then the rig and mesh are children with no physics,

Is this mesh an empty? It acts like an external bound, am I right?

Make a box or cylinder or whatever and make it enclose your character. Then parent the armature to it, and make the movement controls on the box instead of the armature. Keep your actions controls on the armature, though. Then make the box Dynamic and have bounds. Then set the other things(the armature and the character) to have “No Collision”.

 :) :)