Yo frankie DVD is Out !

But out of time, man i cant wait for them to start delivering it.

Sorry , i know many of you will not like this post, i just cant wait for it.:evilgrin:

Really? Sweet! Too bad I am broke… it will still be a couple weeks before they ship them though. Do you know if they are releasing the files online? Any of them? Like in BBB?

The game files are already accessible trough svn, as I’m sure you know,
and I’m sure they will release the other goodies on the dvd(s?) as well, in time off course!

Actually I didn’t :p, I didn’t really keep up on the project totally. Thanks for letting me know!

In the apricot branch right? I’ll checkout svn as soon as I finish checking out etch-a-ton and projection painting.

Where? I tried to find some stuff a couple months ago, but you needed a password. :evilgrin: