Yo frankie is done!

It seems they’ve finished the game now :smiley:
check it out:

You can’t download it yet,
but there is an in-game video,
that seems quite nice

I think the game isn’t free?

It will be, just not yet.
The people who pre-ordered the DVD
get to have it first.

The video was interesting, and it’s quite good how much the BGE was improved to make this game.

The decision to emphasize the BGE a lot in the project was a pleasant surprised and it delivered.

Very nice vid. A loading screen between the levels would be good.

Lies all lies! A game is never finished! :ba:

The game looks really good. I can’t wait to play it.


The game and all of the improvements to the BGE are very appreciated. Well done Apricot team! I cant wait to play!!

Thank you so much!

That game looks amazing! I’m really surprised at the quality.

I look forward to it and what the community does with it.

I am looking forward to find the DVD in my mailbox next week and play it ahead of most of the ppl… :wink:

so when will 2.5 come out then? wasn’t that what this was developing

@kkewley: no this didn’t develop 2.5. From what I understand, they are going to work now on 2.5 since they’ve released Yo Frankie. Should be out late December-early January.

yay!!! cant wait to download it!

offtopic: does anyone have the Big Buck Bunny PSP video? I recently got a PSP and when I went to download it, the link was broken!


another fantastic product done with Blender.

I can already see all the mods that are going to be made out of this thing. Its going to be great. :slight_smile: