Yo Frankie listed as one of the top Linux Games

Blender just keeps getting more and more exposure. I love it.


Is yo frankie a first person shooter in that article?:confused:
Nice to see it exposed but… isn’t it more of a platformer?

You wouldn’t believe how much it cost for that slot.

Great to see such a positive review. Finally someone who understands!


This is why he should have a catagory for what the game really is, a platformer, I don’t really get why he called it an FPS.

Yo-Frankie could turn into an epic game eventually with many levels, we’ll just have to see.

No, we’d have to just make more levels, just sitting and staring to see if someone adds something,
is actually = to pretty much doing nothing… at all…

which reminds me, where did I put that mock-up for a level… :confused: