Yo Frankie Portal

I got the Blender Game kit 2nd addition a long time ago. I look back at it time to time to see if I can suck it dry yet another time. I keep coming back to the portal part where it says it can be used to keep character properties across scenes for health and inventory. But I fail to see how it works

I can’t copy the scripts here because it is linked(has and L next to the name in the pop up script browser)


I never read the 2nd edition, but if you know Python, you can use bge.logic.globalDict to send data across scenes, with the caveat that BGE-managed objects will be marshaled out.

… Actually in reading the official documentation:

I’m pretty sure it’s not just restricted to the “built in types”; I think you can send pretty much anything, as long as it’s not a BGE-object.

I’m too lazy to test it, so I’ll let someone else confirm/debunk that. :slight_smile: