Yo Frankie Portals


I’m looking for more information on the portal feature in the Yo Frankie game, specifically moving from scene to scene. The only information I could gather is a couple paragraphs, written by ideasman42 on the wiki:

After digging up files from Yo Frankie!, searching online, etc, I can’t find anything else. I’m also curious as to how the stat portal thing works as well, for moving things like hp, energy, inventory to different blends, and scenes.

Ty for reading and please respond,

YoFrankieTutorialFiles.rar 2.89 MB contains the examples for the above link.

Could someone repost these files, as I can not find them.

Please don’t revive such old threads, please PM the guy who origanally posted them.

Is this a rule on this forum or just your idea ?

In case someone needs these files I finally found them : http://www.box.net/shared/9z1bmex7hx
Maybe someone capable of editing Apricot page could expose it on that page, I think this stuff deserves it.

Forum dosn’t like us reviving old threads, just kinda a warning, thet might say something about it when they see it.

Thanks for the new links though.