Yo! Frankie Windows Crystal Space builds ...

I searched for this topic and probably no one has already created a similar thread…
Well you can find Yo! Frankie Windows Crystal Space builds here!!


Despite the existance of some bugs the game looks very promising and has quite beautiful graphics

p.s There is an error in the installer which may not let the game install properly in Windows Vista. The problem is occurring because the installer is not started in administrator mode!!!
To make the game start all you have to do is to run it as administrator.
So simply go to the start menu find the command line in the utilities, right click the command line icon and select run as
administrator. Enter the directory where the yofrankie.msi is located using the cd command and then simply type yofrankie.msi and press enter. After that the installation wizard should work just fine!!

Cool. I found out about a test/demo of the game engine version for Windows, OS X, and Linux.