Yo, I'm new, y'all seem cool

So I recently got into 3D modeling for Cities: Skylines and I’ve been getting really into it. Today I tried to start up Blender to work on a project and I couldn’t select it without crashing, so I figured I’d join this forum cuz I’m properly stumped. I’ll make an actual thread for that in the appropriate section, but I just wanted to introduce myself briefly. My name is Aeron, and uh, idk, im pretty gay. I have a big passion for urban planning. Land use is a really important issue for climate change and human happiness. The models I’ve been trying to make are all walkable main-street style row buildings, if that makes sense. I’m hoping to keep expanding my modeling skills, maybe someday I’ll get to professional level, who knows? So yeah, enough about me, I’d love to hear from y’all, what stuff motivates you? How did you start learning modeling? Hell, tell me your life story, I don’t mind, I’m just here to have a good time ya know?


urban planning, yeah? :slight_smile: Do you like the “Sim” games then, like SimCity and so on…? :smile:
What’s “Cities: Skylines” btw?

Yeah i used to play some of the SimCity games, SimCity 4 was fun, but the series went downhill. SimCity 2013 was pretty disappointing to say the least. Enter: Cities:Skylines, which came out in 2015. It’s basically the best city building game in history so far. Very moddable and detailed. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s definitely the best so far. Just look up Cities:Skylines on YouTube and you’ll find more good entertaining videos than you can watch in a lifetime. Though if you want a good proper realistic history of urban planning politics in America as told through Cities:Skylines by an engineer with very dry deadpan humor, I’d highly recommend the channel donoteat01. This guy basically single-handedly got me into urban planning policy. And as an extension of this, he also got me into 3D modelling, because there’s not enough walkable mixed use style building in the steam workshop for Cities:Skylines. Oh and he even made one video where he basically talks about prison policy while modelling a really cool prison complex in Blender for his city. Ok, anyway, I’ll stop talkin your ear off about urban planning now, thanks for coming to my TED talk lmao

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Hehe no problem :smile:
Isn’t there a whole website for Blender arch viz? Wouldn’t you be looking for something like that? I’m forgetting the URL now, damn…could someone help me out?
EDIT: OK, Google found me 2:

Nice to meet you Aeron. :slight_smile:

I’m Mark and I live in New York (state not city). I’m a graphic designer by trade and I’ve been interested in 3D software for years, but haven’t been motivated or at a good point in my life to really delve into it until now. After I finish an introductory course about the Unity game engine at www.udemy.com, I’m planning to get into this one:

I’m excited about this new stage of my learning journey and I’ve found these forums to be a wonderful resource. I hope that you enjoy your time with Blender.

Hi Aeron, that sounds like an interesting and potentially useful thing to pursue. It seems like it’s pretty close to some sort of architecture/city planning? Would be really neat I’m sure to get to a professional level in that. I don’t know how you’d get a job in a field like that, if you need education or not? But I guess there are lots of freelance sorts of deals where you just need to know what you’re doing. When looking at freelance jobs, I see a demand for having some sort of architectural understanding as well.

My names Sandra. I have been trying to get better at 3d modeling and professional someday as well. I am interested in 3d environments that make up a scene in games or movies.

Hey Mark, it’s good to hear from ya! Thanks for sharing that Udemy course. It looks like exactly what I need right now. I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to get past the texturing phase of modelling and YouTube tutorials are only so helpful when it comes to the specific kind of modelling I’m trying to do. These forums have also been a big help to me as well, and I’m glad to hear you’re as excited as I am for this stuff!

Hey Sandra, yeah it’s super interesting stuff! Lots of architecture and city planning related aspects. I think those fields do generally require degrees but yeah like you said there are lots of freelance jobs too, and I think there’s something to be said about making video projects and trying to spread awareness about these fields in general through 3D visual mediums. I’d also would love to get into modelling for video games or animations myself, you don’t need degrees as much as good portfolio when it comes down to it for most studio jobs. I tell you what though, long term, I’d love to help start a worker cooperative studio and work on an equal playing field with other artists on cool projects!