Yo, noob here.

I am new to Blender and I need some help. I’m making a FPS. I’ve made it so that the mouse aims, but when I aim up and walk, I walk in air. How do i make it so that when i look up, i can move forward not up in the air. Also, how do i add music/sound to blender?:confused:

This is all what I think, I haven’t had time to examine how a proper mouselook works yet:
If you’re using logic bricks or at the very least actuators for the movement, there are little “L” next to some of them. That makes the movement local to the oint of view. However, this would mean that you have absolute movement, which is annoying. Perhaps parent the camera (so the camera is child) to an empty or mesh, and then just make the mesh move? Or something?

Quick answer:
Get Social’s FPS template :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the FPS template and i try to figure out how it works, but i don’t understand much of it. how do i post a link to my blender game? It would help explain.

maybe try smaller projects first?

I would think that you have the mouse look on a camera. Then that camera is parented to another object. On that object you put the movement.

The mouse look will rotate the camera, but the movement will no longer be based on the camera’s rotation if the camera is just parented to an object that is moving. I believe this is what Fake was explaining.

As far as uploading your blend files, pasteall.org/blend works pretty well.

Good luck.

Heres the FPS http://pasteall.org/blend/1019 Please help

You really should concider making a simpler game first. Starting with an FPS is quite ambitious. You should start with something simple like a get to the exit game. Move on to a game with more complex movement or somethign with AI enemies and so on before you try to create a whole FPS.

Just advice, feel free to continue what you’re doing. From experience though you are less likely to run into these styles of problems if you start from simple and work up though. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was Halo.

Ok, I’ll start with a coin collecting game. But i need a little help such as creating objects that dissapear when collected and a way to end the level when all the coins have been collected.

Well for the collectables you use an end object brick with a touch or collision actuator. (afaik collision is better because the collectables can then be ghosts and they won’t impact the movement of your character)

For the level end there are a few ways to do it.

  1. have an empty at the start of each level with a property equal to the number of coins needed to progress. each time a coin is collected reduce the value of this property by 1. When the property equals zero move on to the next level

  2. Use python to detect the number of coins in the level and atain the value for your property.

  3. Use python/bricks to detect if there are any coins left. If not move on to the next level.

I’m sure there are other methods but these are the simplest. If you can figure out a way for the game to detect the number of coins then that is better in terms of programming but doing it manually with empties is ok too.

As for your original question. Instead of putting movement on the camera put it on your cube. The cube should be the player and detect collisions.

I’ve got 2 things for ya.

One, look at the attached .blend below. I took your file from PasteAll and fixed it up a bit to my FPS standards. It seems to be working a lot better now. One. Two, I have a video URL to one of Hamsterhill’s Blender tutorials on YouTube. It’s more of a series type thing but it’s very worth watching if you want to start things out simple. His tutorials were VERY helpful and they are what got me started working with the GE and logic bricks.

Here’s the first tutorial to start you off:

And here’s the playlist for all of the important videos:

I recommend watching Blender tut 17 - 21 by Hamsterhill. Also, if you take a look at my signature below this post, you can go to my website, there are Blender Game Engine tutorials there too. They are basically written versions of most video tutorials on the internet, but more in depth. I work mostly with the Logic Brick system, and I’m barely starting to learn Python.

By the way, I made a game similar to the coin collecting thing:
Click here for the video.

Click here for the .blend.

Let me know how things work out. Hope this helps.