Yoda Sculpt

I’m in the midst of a Yoda sculpt, just for fun. I’m just about done with my base sculpt and will soon retopologize this to get the final model that will receive all the good asymmetrical and fine details. I thought I’d throw this up here to get some more eyes on it. Thanks!

p.s. - whoa, those images are larger than I thought

He looks good. But this his jaw could use a bit more definition. you could also go over some of the wrinkles on his upper and lower lip with a very low strength inflation brush as the look a tad bit flat.

I can’t wait to see more because this looks really good. Is this a blender sculpt?

Do you find yourself talking in broken sentences while you are sculpting this? mmm, sculpt yoda I must, yes.

@ tyrant monkey Thanks, yes it’s 100% blender, sculpted from a subdivided cube. I borrowed that matcap from the latest sculptris release. Great point on the wrinkles. I’ll push those more after I retopologize him.

@ r6srider Ha, almost! Every now and then I catch myself rotating the camera around like it’s his head looking around. I probably mutter to myself. It has been important for me to keep watching clips of him as I sculpt. I’ll notice things I missed from my reference and it just helps to think about the personality and feel of a character, along with the shapes and lines.