Yoda Sculpt

This is my 2nd sculpt in Blender, and have to say that I’m pleased how it turned out. 1,450,000 polys, done in blendercookie’s Mastering Modeling workshop for sculpt week. Please give critiques and pointers to do better next time. Thanks!


Fantastic work so far, still need some polish. Looks like the proportions are not exactly correct, You should spend some more time on that. But it definetly looks like Yoda! You put only ortho view, did You use perspective as well ? Its worth to use both, otherwise it can lead to some misleading results. What i dont like, is the render, the sculpt itself is much better then You presented there. You should definetly rerender that.

Thanks for the tips. I agree with the render, it was not done right. I’m currently redoing the materials and lighting to better show the sculpt. With the proportions, the only thing I can tell that’s off is the ridges on top of his head. Is there any other that you see being off? I did check it in perspective periodically, and even checked front and side proportions from a head turnaround to make sure his facial features fit correctly. Thanks again, trying to perfect my techniques and visual aesthetics in 3D modeling! :slight_smile:

pretty good likeness, my only nit pick would be that hes face should be a little softer. Currently he looks quite grumpy and stern, whereas yoda always seems to have a kind face…

I was going for the “ready to fight Count Dooku” look on his face. Kind of stern and concentrated. :slight_smile:

I think you might find he squints and scrunches up his nose in preparation for a fight… and his ears might flatten out a little

True, I guess I need to work on his eyelids anyways. Thanks!