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Here is a WIP render of my latest creation, Yoda.
Comments and suggestions are welcome. :slight_smile:



(billythekid) #2

wow! brilliant materials +textures+modelling! perhaps more detail on feet, however i can’t remember what yoda’s toes look like! Will you animate it? :smiley:

(Ecks) #3

WOW :o really cool! yea the only thing that I dont really like are the toes…dont know why :-? except that it is a very cool model. (here a tip: make the grey thing (sorry dont know the word) longer so the toes are beside it!) and yea it would be cool to make an anim like in star wars ep2 when he fight with his lightsaber :smiley:

(BMD) #4

wip?, no that should be done! just ad a stary background, and it’s done! hehe great hair!

(VelikM) #5

I like it! Really good job.

(Natron) #6

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:
Yes, his feet are very unaccurate and retarded. They are still WIP…I just slapped 'em on there to finish off the pic…As with his hands also.
Animation is in the plan. I have his lightsaber hilt modeled and ready for future possibilities. :smiley:


(DreamMaster) #7

It’s done beautifully… can’t wait until the animation is done…

(blengine) #8

natron, rockin man… just bring them colors out! it looks a bit flatter in color shading imho… brighter colors dark soft shadows :wink:

(kaktuswasse) #9

WOW,the face is just amazing!!!

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(Cativo) #11

Looking good! Just fix the hands and feet…

(Cativo) #12

Looking good! Just fix the hands and feet…

(Stungun) #13

Didn’t Yoda have somewhat bigger eyes?
It looks good, good as a lookalike but the face is still not completely ‘him’ but then again it’s still a WIP of course.
I think Yoda had a deep face, you know, big along the Z axis :slight_smile:
then again i’m not sure, download the movies and see if you can get some cool turnaround shots of the guy

keep it real :stuck_out_tongue:

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(sten) #14

great work !!!

(Friday13) #15

Whoa, cool Yoda, when will we see an updated version of him ???

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(Andy Goralczyk) #17

ok, it’s time for me to comment that… i’m too late again:
the scene could use some cough better lighting cough, but 2 spots in the back with a soft value of 10.000 [one of them should have a blue-ish light], and then one spot in the front with a hard shadow…
just a suggestion… it looks really great as it is but it could be more photoreal.


(Natron) #18

Consider the fact that this model was my first real organic model.
It was all new to me. Everything was modeled with no knowledge of organics…So, i’m rather proud of it.
He is of course still WIP and I am improving him as I get more experienced.
Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. :smiley: