(Natron) #1

After studying my Yoda model, I realized how retarted it was. So I began surgery and these are the results.




(BgDM) #2

The top of the head looks good, but the face is very flat. I didn’t realize it in your original post, but now that you have posted a close up of the head only, it definitely needs some work.


(Dittohead) #3

nice, the green material needs less spec, then set hardness a little lower.

the eyes are kinda freaky.

use this tutorial: http://blenderchar.weirdhat.com/eyetute/

(VelikM) #4

I like it. Good head :wink:

(AN][ARES) #5

w00t w00t !!

real nice man !!!

(mr_manic) #6

Any chance of you animating the yoda so he speaks some wise blenderforce words to us.

(IMProvisar) #7

I’d like to see him jumpin’ and spinnin’ around kickin’ ass like he did in episode 2. Hehe… my absolute, bar-none favorite part of the movie.


(S68) #8

heheh, extremely cute :slight_smile:


(djfuego) #9

The green texture needs work.
Not read are you. mmmmmm.
The Blender path you must follow.