Little bit of fun trying to recreate a Clone wars style set deally. I was planning to use it for a jedi animation but the jedi rig just doesn’t quite work. The mesh is pretty good though. I might upload the jedi to Blendswap in the next few days. Yoda model was built by Blzazer003 on blendswap… though I did slightly edit his clothes and textures. I’d love some feedback. I’m kinda new to composting nodes and whatnot. I tend to stick to building meshes and lighting.

Obligatory deviant art plug

Difficult to see him it is. Nice is the chamber, however.

Steve S

The chamber looks great! Glad you found a good use for him! I would say working on the composition a little would be a big plus. The atmosphere looks great, but while the bright light brings your focus to that point, Yoda is partially obstructed. If this was just one frame from an animation, then this would be fine, but since it is a still render, I would try to bring a little more focus to Yoda being in that space, if that makes sense. Anyway, regardless, it looks very good! FYI, I uploaded a new version to BLendswap that has been updated in just about everything, and now uses cycles.

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nice ambiance. There is one small thing i see with the shadow at the entrance. It looks like the light is going through the tribune ending