yofrankie spotlight(sun) as parent

hello there blenderartists im making a game on blender and looking on frankie setup to learn something but now i find that sun is simply parented to frankie controller but when you rotate frankie the sun does not rotate when you move him then it works like normal
there are no logic blocks constants no delay parent nothing yet when i clone the sun it works like the first
but when i parent it to something else it rotates and moves

i’m really missing something simple but don’t know what

blend found in yofrankie_1_1b_bge\chars\frankie_simple.blend


Look up vertex parenting

but lamps don’t have vertexes so how can you parent them

-edit damn stupid me i could guess to do a 1 vertex parent so simple thinks ideasman

topic closed

could you please describe it more clearly … i didnt get it :o

edit: Ive found it : Select the lamp, then select your model and go into edit mode. Select 1 vertex, then press Ctrl+P.
It will be parented to the x y and z axis, but not rotation.