Yomogidai House

Yomogidai House is a project based in Nagoya, Japan, designed by Tomoaki Uno Architects.
It is one of my favorite projects, so i decided to represent its space through 3D. Used the interior photography of the project as a base for my renders.
Modeled and rendered in blender 3D, did compositing, and edited it in lightroom.

Hope you like it.


Excellent work on texturing!

Could you briefly explain how you textured the wooden surfaces? Looks like you used multiple wooden textures.

And would you mind sharing where you got those wood textures from?

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Thank you!

Well, i used uv mapping, based on reference images on how the surfaces should look and how they look in real life.

The textures are custom made. But you can try to find similar textures on any website at their wood flooring section (if they have one) i recommend Poliigon. They have some of the best textures, in my opinion.

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