"York Day"

(WeirdHat) #1

I made this almost a year ago, but I didn’t post it until just now, mostly because several people in #BlenderChat seemed to think it was tasteless.

Note: This is satire.

(IMProvisar) #2

Yes, it is very tasteless… but it makes a good point.


(basse) #3

because it relies so much on the idea, I would have chosen another media to produce the picture… the 3d quality in this one is… sorry to say, but poor…
it has all the things I hate in some 3d scenes :slight_smile:
a) flat look, no light, no shadow
b) shiny surfaces where they shouldn’t be
c) using separate object as mouth, in this case donut or subsurffed cube…
d) wierd colors
e) unfinished look.
f) bad compositing (the guy is standing in middle of road?)

ok… I’ll stop now… I like your stuff, in general. but this particular picture, I hate.


(sten) #4

for me fishsticks are tasteless…

but nice work :slight_smile:

(valarking) #5

picture quality is not good, but the message is not tasteless, but ONE HUNDRED PECENT CORRECT. The blood thirsty media and other ruthless companies are making a buissiness off of this.

(WeirdHat) #6

If I had to come up with an excuse for that, it would be that it’s supposed to be cartoony… but it’s not a very good excuse.

That’s wEIrd.

True, true… I’m lazy about such things.

Uh, yeah… um… I really don’t have a good excuse for that. It just sort of happened. He does look safe enough though, no cars in sight. :slight_smile: Maybe he’s in the middle of crossing the road. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps I’ll remake it… this could probably be really nice if I could do it right.

(basse) #7

yeah… I understood you were trying the cartoony look, but instead simple-geometrics-tactics, you could try the toon-render methods people have shown here… some of them give excellent results!

I think too, that with a little more work you could turn it into nice image…

are you sure about that “weird” thing… it could be “wreid” …? I have seen also some “wired” -texts… maybe that’s the one?

who knows… maybe we should stick with “streinge”. :slight_smile: