This is my second humanoid post, elf woman is a no go at the moment cus i accidentally saved over that and the last save file is too far back. anyways, now im working on yoruichi from bleach. so far its almost complete, ive just got to do some touch ups (some major some minor) here and there to make it more polished.


I am a big fan of bleach myself and was planning to model Ichigo so I will be keeping an eye on this,can you post some wires

u should use a foto 4 this

when i started bleach yoruichi was the hottest girl in my opinion ( and still is )
the breasts are not so good ( make them a bit smaller at the beginning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
and the hip is to realistic

i dont know which way is the best cause im new to blender but i would start with a naked yoruichi and then add clothes

thanks for the suggestions prester, ive made the body moreso what i think it should look like, and starting with a naked model and then proceeding to clothes was what i did, i was simply too impatient to make sure the naked model was perfect before proceeding to clothes =p

heres the new version:

and heres some wireframe views:

been abit since my last post but oh well,

i worked pretty hard these past… day and a half…
to bring updates to my model
the updates this time are:
fitted the clothing to her body again
and made her face more “anime” like including a narrower jaw, wider eyes, and more
i also changed her eyes to catlike ones


That is just too high poly lol…

its only 18600 polys… i think thats okay for a high poly humanoid with clothing

and the 18600 counts for also a full body underneath her clothes and the black suit is full undernearth the orange cloth, if i were to delete any underlying faces that you dont see it would go down to 12200 polys

Spend some time, and work on her face. Just like with your elf woman project, this face is not going to cut it. The body is more or less fine, it could use some work, but the face is just weird. It looks like her face is too smooth (Features not pronounced enough), her mouth looks too small, her eyes and nose look like they’re too high on her head compared to her mouth, and all in all it just seems half-assed compared to the rest of the model.

If you’re serious about the model, take some time, and just work with the face. Try different things, maybe read up a bit on human/anime anatomy and stylization, and I’m sure you can come up with something immensely better without too much time.

thanks for the precise critiqueing no matter how much it hurt lol

i know the face is a bit off but ive really been trying, ill work on the face some more and see if i can correct it somewhat

okay ive played around a bit more and this is what i changed

This is a nice model, the face looks good too, maybe it needs some lighting above her face so we can see the proportions a little better. Keep it up.